EDIBLE posts

What about eating foodporn posts instead of just tap to like?


On Instagram at lunch time, people are impacted by am large quantity of foodporn posts. When they are impacted by these delicious posts, the most users can do is tap to like them. Right? 


We hacked the Instagram giving it a new feature: eat a foodporn posts in real time.

How it worked

Edible Posts started with a sponsored post on Instagram Stories during lunchtime. The Chef Sant Roig introduced his delicious recipe - pure foodporn - and then he invited the users to taste it instead of just giving a like. Media used geolocalization and comprised an area of 2.5km from the restaurant. Those who ordered it received via direct message pictures and videos of the hamburger being prepared in real time and, in a few minutes only, had the sandwich delivered to them. 

The idea bacame news in the whole country and all over the world