KI-Suco is a powdered juice that was a hit during the 90's in Brasil. Now it's back with a differential: contains real fruit juice. So, to relaunch the "new-old" beverage we've created a campaign to reestablish emotional connection with consumers. We've designed funny fruits to dance and sing the sound of Molejo - famous Brazilian music group which was also successful in the same era of the old Ki-Suco.  

youtube bumper ads

To enhance the fun, we've proposed Youtube bumper ads in which the fruits danced to the sound of other famous rhythms in Brazil.

digital influencer whindersson nunes helped us with almost 12 million view

In addition, we had the help of Whindersson Nunes, one of the biggest youtubers in the world, to make more buzz during the relaunch. 
He has produced a content on his channel with the theme "Children of old days and children of today", in which he compares the two generations and remembered Ki-Suco as the juice he used to drink when he was younger.